Rasa X is incompatible with Rasa 3.0

Hello Rasa X version 0.42.5 or earlier is incompatible with Rasa 3.0 due to changes in Rasa’s configuration file format and the introduction of new training data formats.

Hello, could you tell us about more it ? Nexus Iceland App

Assuming you have installed and configured Rasa X correctly, you can access it by opening a web browser and entering the following address:


Replace with the actual IP address of your machine. If you don’t know your machine’s IP address, you can find it by running the following command in the terminal:

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Look for the IP address associated with your network interface. It should be something like 192.168.X.X or 10.X.X.X.

Once you’ve entered the correct address in your browser, you should be taken to the Rasa X login page. From there, you can log in and start working with your Rasa project.