Rasa X Helmchart rest socketio

Where do i add

#  # you don't need to provide anything here - this channel doesn't
#  # require any credentials
 user_message_evt: user_uttered
 bot_message_evt: bot_uttered
 session_persistence: true

In my RasaX Helmchart values file?

@aymane258 please refer this link: Customize Your Deployment

thanks <3

To which url do i connect my websocket with. It says rasa runs on 5005 but i don’t see that port anywhere

@aymane258 you should mention the URL on which Rasa X is opening or running, for me is its running on serverIP:80

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Hi, I’m unable to connect as well in my index.html to the websocket. The bot in my html isn’t responding. I’ve used Rasa X with helm chart deployment in GKE and things are working fine in the Rasa X UI uptil testing of the custom action. Then I added the socket.io part in my values.yml and the bot started to be non-responsive when I say anything in the ‘Talk to your bot’ section. I have also pasted my Rasa X loadbalanced external IP in my index.html code. @nik202 Please help me out on this. Rasa X - 1.0.1, rasa os - 2.8.15, rasa-sdk - 2.8.2

@webdev-rohit I’m trying to understand what is your actual issue is all about, can you share some error screenshot and what is your front end?

This is an html page on my local machine where I have defined the url field with my Rasa X loadbalanced external IP address This IP was obtained after deploying rasa x using helm chart as per the Rasa masterclass episode 12 on Youtube in my GKE cluster. I’m successfully able to chat with my bot with a custom action in Rasa X UI. But, I want to talk with it once I open my html page in a browser. The html file, once opened in a browser, shows the chat-widget but I get no response from the bot once I type anything in it. I added the socket.io lines in my values.yml but it doesn’t work.


This is a part of my values.yml file. @nik202 All I want to know here is that we require only two changes ideally to be made for webchat to work here, right? They should be-

  1. Write the lines shown in this screenshot in values.yml and run helm upgrade command to deploy.
  2. In the frontend html code, mention the url of rasa x as shown in the previous screenshot.

This should work, right? Or is there something else I need to add somewhere?

Appreciate the help!

@webdev-rohit Alright, means you are directly using IP of server? I hope you are even aware of that Rasa X required DNS and SSL?

Ok, Just try on trick and do let me know that bot is displayed or not.

Install ngrok, authenticate token and then use ngrok http 80, past the https generated link which have .io mention

Do it now.

But as of this post, this person has entered his/her rasa x url in the frontend code and mentioned socket.io parameters in values.yml, that’s it. Just making sure that RasaX version has to be 1.0.1 solved the issue for him/her. So, it should even solve mine but it doen’t.

@webdev-rohit what is your front end? and can you share it ?

@nik202 this is the frontend. A simple html index page…not an actual hosted website