SocketIO not working in GCP

Hello. I have deployed my rasa bot in google cIoud VM. I have added socketio configuration to credentials.yml file and vm ip address in html script(for webchat). But still my bot doesn’t answer with socketio. It works with rest api. But I want to use socketio. Please help me.

Regards SKS

@sks can you share the rasa version and webchat snippet code please for reference?

Rasa version: 2.8.1, Rasa x = 0.39.3

@sks check your socketUrl it should have some IP address with https or http; I hope you must be aware of this GitHub repo : @sks Even I can see there is not version mention in the code


@sks I’d recommend just first try run the rasa webchat snippet code on local machine and then try to implement over GCP.

I hope you got my points?

Hey. Thanks for the reply. It actually works on localhost and my server ip is

@sks Try update and experiment please or try use ngrok for the same.

ok. will try using ngrok.

@sks Cool, next time please mention me with @ and nik202

@nik202 Sure