Rasa X doesn't show training data from json file

Hi, is it possible that Rasa X doesn’t show the trained data from json files in Training > NLU Training > Training data? I work with Chatito and the training datas are stored in a json file. Do I need to create a md file of the json file in order to be able to see the data in Training > NLU Training > Training data?

Interested in this as well. Does rasa X not support NLU data in JSON format?

Hi @fabur91 @BeWe11. Is this occurring from loading Rasa X with your json files in your data directory? Have you been able to upload data using the up arrow upload button on the same page?

The import button works, but then the data gets converted into markdown format. Is there no way to natively use training data in JSON format without have to upload (and convert) it?

We’re currently looking into supporting json data in Rasa X at the moment - this will be included in one of the following releases :slight_smile:

In the meantime, you can convert your json data into markdown with

rasa data convert nlu --data <data.json> --out json_to_md.md --format md

Hey @BeWe11, we’ve added json support in our latest patch release 0.19.2

Hey @ricwo, the json support works great, thanks!