Rasa X does not use the new files (nlu, domain, rules, ...) after changing the GitLab branch

Disclaimer: This request is a little high-level, since I am working in a collaborative project and am not the (currently unavailable) person, who set up the connection between Rasa X and out GitLab repository.

My problem: I created a new branch in the connected GitLab project, added changes to it and changed the starting branch / target branch in Rasa X to the new branch. Rasa X is able to train a new model based on that, however, all the altered files, such as rules, responses and domain information, are not updated in Rasa X. When testing interactive learning, the new responses cannot be chosen (=are not among the choices). Supposing the connection between the GitLab project and Rasa X works fine, are there any other steps, that I would need to carry out to change the target branch or update any other input file manually?

Any feedback is welcome. Also, if you know, which connection problem might cause this kind of a problem, I would be very happy to know about that. Thanks in advance and I am sorry for the blind-ish description of the problem.

Hey, do you have the Rasa X logs from when you changed the branch to pull? Most likely Rasa X had issues pulling that branch for one reason or another