Rasa X Docker Server Steps

I have a very simple question while following the docs for deploying a Rasa X server. I have followed the steps here in the docs. I wish to run a server which simply uses the default training models, so I’ve skipped step 3 about replacing the default app image, and I was able to start rasa x and set my admin password.

My question is, how do I “Navigate to the hostname or IP where your server is reachable”? When I navigate to http://, I don’t see anything. Is there something else I have to do here, or is my server reachable after launching Rasa X? What does this have to do with the docker-compose.yml file, which I have not touched? If it’s relevant, I’m running the server on Amazon AWS EC2 and I have opened port 5005 there.

(I’m using Ubuntu 18.04; do I need to be running 16.04 to use these quickstart instructions?)

I’ve spend a long time reading the docs, but I’m new to all of this, so any help is very much appreciated!
The ultimate goal here is just to deploy a bot to slack, using only the default training models for now.

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Hi @gear,

I’m running the server on Amazon AWS EC2 and I have opened port 5005 there.

You should be able to navigate to the IP address of the EC2 instance (make sure you opened the relevant ports from the “Firewall” section so that HTTP access is accessible!

Hi @erohmensing,

Thank you so much for the response! Unfortunately, despite opening the relevant ports in EC2, navigating to the IP address of my instance at port 5005 gives a “Unable to Connect: Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at …” error. I’ve attached a picture of my EC2 console to verify this. I also test by making my instance open on all ports via all protocols and got the same problem. Is there any other way I can confirm that the Rasa Server is being correctly deployed?

Is there any other debugging I can do from Rasa?

Thanks very much for any help, I’ve been banging my head against this problem for a while now!

In case it’s helpful, I’ve also added the output of docker -ps, to show the ports.

Ah sorry, you shouldn’t have to open the 5005 port, it should be the nginx container that reroutes the traffic from port 80 to the relevant port (e.g. rasa x or rasa container). My mistake :smiley:

navigating to the IP address of my instance at port 5005

therefore you shouldn’t navigate to the port, but just the ip itself. Does that help?

Thanks again for the help! Unfortunately, navigating just to the IP encounters the same problem. Again, my instance is configured to be accessible on any port from anywhere, so I’m not sure it’s a firewall issue (see picture). Is there anything I can check in the various .yml files? Or do I need to change my app image/is there a sample image I can use somewhere?

Thank you again!

The app image shouldn’t be the issue. Can you check the rasa X logs to make sure there are no errors?