How to connect to rasa server running in AWS EC2

Hi, I’m running my rasa server in an AWS ec2 instance using “–port 80” and have also update credential file.

After training, my model is working fine in ec2 console (using “rasa shell”, action server is running parallely).

However when I’m sending a post request to this server, it’s returning nothing. Below is the screenshot of post request I’m making.

I’ve tried the same thing on my local machine where I was running the server on my local machine and it was working fine. Don’t know what’s the problem here. Any help would be much appreciated.

Shouldn’t you be posting to the ec2 instance dns name/ip and not localhost like in that screenshot?

Also have you opened up the proper port on the security group as well?

Thanks, It’s working now. It was a basic mistake from my side.

Awesome do you mind marking that answer as a solution so it marks this thread resolved too.

Thanks again!

I don’t know how to do that :stuck_out_tongue:

unable to find any button or link for that, can you help ??

The ec2 console when you click on your ec2 instance it has a DNS name and ip in the status info at the bottom.

You can also from inside the instance run curl to get the ip. Then this is the ip you would use instead of localhost since this is running on a server in the cloud.

The security group is on the same screen and you can update it to allow ports in.

As far as making answers solutions there is also a button in the forum thread you can click on the response that was right if that was something you were asking about as well.