Rasa X Docker Deployment setup

Is it possible to reuse the same docker setup to deploy Rasa on a production server without Rasa X?

When i use the ansible, i can deploy the full docker-compose that includes rasa-x services. Say i deploy the same on another server where i only need to run rasa, duckling, tracker store and possible rabbit MQ,

what params should i move in the docker-compose so that my rasa x development server can communicate with my prod rasa server?

  DB_DATABASE: "tracker"
  RABBITMQ_QUEUE: "rasa_production_events"
  RASA_MODEL_SERVER: "http://rasa-x:5002/api/projects/default/models/tags/production"

i noticed these three are used by rasa container and rasa worker, is these three enough along wtih the endpoints.yml