Rasa X Docker Deployment setup

Is it possible to reuse the same docker setup to deploy Rasa on a production server without Rasa X?

When i use the ansible, i can deploy the full docker-compose that includes rasa-x services. Say i deploy the same on another server where i only need to run rasa, duckling, tracker store and possible rabbit MQ,

what params should i move in the docker-compose so that my rasa x development server can communicate with my prod rasa server?

  DB_DATABASE: "tracker"
  RABBITMQ_QUEUE: "rasa_production_events"
  RASA_MODEL_SERVER: "http://rasa-x:5002/api/projects/default/models/tags/production"

i noticed these three are used by rasa container and rasa worker, is these three enough along wtih the endpoints.yml

Any update on this?

Is it possible to have the below configuration of containers according to the environment:

PROD: Containers:

  1. NGINX for load balancing
  2. Rasa OSS production- for BOT handling requests, and referring to the model present at the specified location path.
  3. Rasa Action Server - for running custom actions
  4. Redis for Lock Store
  5. DB postgres/SQL Tracker store - for storing conversation details

Then if we can have a way to export these user conversations from PROD and then use Rasa X container to refer into UAT/DEV for annotation and training purposes?

Please share the docker-compose file for both the environments along with the export details.