Rasa X Deployment Updates

I setup of RASA X with Kubernetes running and it’s connected to my github repo with the core in it. When I make changes in Github or the UI, how do those changes get re-deployed to Kubernetes/Helm? Same thing with the action server, if we make changes to the action server and the image is updated in the docker registry, how is that re-deployed to the Rasa K8/Helm? Is it automatic or do I need to manually update the helm charts?

Since you have git integration set up, any changes to the training data & config on your target branch (probably master) of your git repository will automatically be updated in Rasa X.

For your actions, the situation is different. You need to update the ACTION_SERVER_TAG env variable on your server.

So every time I add a change to my action server I need to manually go into kubernetes, update the ACTION_SERVER_TAG and redeploy the Rasa X cluster?..

@mloubser ^

Correct, you need to redeploy for every update to the action server.