Rasa X default web application port settings

Hi folks,

Is there a way to change the Rasa X default ports for accessing the web application? (Ports 80 and 443). I’m running Rasa X (0.27.7) using Docker on a Linux based server after having followed the Rasa X Docker-Compose Manual Install.

I have searched through the documentation and forums, but I’ve only found how one can set the ports for older versions of Rasa X using the “–rasa-x-port” argument. I know the Rasa X installation guide requires ports 80 and 443 to be open, but I’m wondering if there is a setting that one can change?

I’m sorry if I missed the answer in the docs or forums. I’m hoping it is still possible in the newest (and future) versions of Rasa X.


Yes, in the docker-compose.yml you will find the nginx service which looks something like this:

    restart: always
    image: "rasa/nginx:${RASA_X_VERSION}"
      - "80:8080"

You can modify the port value there but it’s recommended that you create a docker-compose.override.yml to override the default.

      - "81:8080"
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Thank you @stephens ! That worked perfectly.