Changing port number of rasa x instance

Hi everyone,

I have two Rasa x instances in my machine running under a ngrok server. I want to change the Rasa x ports, allowing the applications to run at the same time.

Unfortunately, I could’t find yet the archive that I can change the configuration.

Is there a possibility to do this?


Hi @miohana, how are you running rasa x? If you’re using the rasa x command, there is an argument for this:

  -p PORT, --port PORT  Port to run the server at. (default: 5005)
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Hi @erohmensing, the --port argument changes the port of the Rasa server launched by Rasa X.

For instance @miohana, you can change the port of the Rasa X instance by using the --rasa-x-port argument.

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Good catch @Murat! You’re totally right.

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Thank you @erohmensing and @Murat! It was very helpful and it’s working! \o/

Now I want to add that app in a dockerfile that will run with docker compose - with redis, mongodb and other technologies.

I just found examples using a NEW image of rasa, but I want to use an image that I have customized, with my own model and my nlu, stories and domain - that I have been written since a long time.

I created a new topic for this question, since this currently question is already closed: Rasa in Docker.

Could you help me, again? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

can you give full syntax for this? i used

rasa x --port 5009 rasa run actions --5059

but thy are not running. still it suing 5002 port. please provide me clear commands

To run rasa x server on (let’s say) port 5007 Type the following

rasa x --rasa-x-port 5007