Rasa X: Clarification required on new utter action creation, define entities in interactive learning


I have a couple of questions on rasa x product.

  1. Is there anyway to register a new utter action through rasa x ? I can see the only way is to use the “Responses” side menu to add a new response. But, I think still it will not register that new response under action list. Please let me know, if there is anyway to register it with out editing domain.yml manually.

  2. Is there anyway to define entities while using interactive learning mechanism? I know that we can define entities when we create a new data through “NLU training”. However, since we are able to create new intents through interactive learning, it would be great if we can define the entities also for that new intent through interactive learning feature itself. Also it will be good, if we can create new utter actions through interactive learning feature.

Not sure, if these features are already available though. Please confirm or share any video tutorial if available.

Thank you, Anoop Mohan

hey @anoopmohan watch this video it may answer Ur query


Thank you @JiteshGaikwad. Will check it.