RASA X bot won't respond

When running RASA X on an AWS EC2 instance, I managed to get it up and running. However after restarting the instance, I can still access the RASA X UI but the bot won’t respond.

The developer console gives a range of errors. One of which is 404

{“reasons”:[“Authorization header not present.”],“exception”:“Unauthorized”}

Any help?

Welcome @arneverster. Did you use the Docker-Compose Quick Install method?

If so, did you use docker-compose to do the restart?

Check the status of the containers:

docker-compose ps

Do you have custom actions server. If you have, you may check that if your rasax is connected with actions server correctly.

This is helpful for me,may be you can check it.


Yes I followed the quick install method.

docker-compose ps

Shows that all containers are ‘Up’

However when I navigate to the IP there’s a red bar at the top that says ‘Authentication token invalid’

Ok so I think I figured it out.

The correct way to stop the container is with sudo docker-compose down

and then you restart them with sudo docker-compose up -d

and then you run curl --request POST --url http://<ip>/api/projects/default/git_repositories?api_token=<token> --header 'content-type: application/json' --data-binary @repository.json

And the authentication error is gone!

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Today I meet the same error, and I find post here.

Thanks so much!

When I follow your instruction and run:

curl --request POST --url http://<ip>/api/projects/default/git_repositories?api_token=<token> --header 'content-type: application/json' --data-binary @repository.json

In this command what <ip> and <token> represent?

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Facing the same problem,

any help ?

The IP is the IP (public) of your virtual machine, the token I believe you can find on the Rasa X UI.

Go to the models section, click upload model. You’ll see the token in the upload command :slight_smile:

See my lastest reply to ongongethan :slight_smile:

Well, now if I try to go to <ip>/api/projects/default/git_repositories

I get {"reasons":["Authorization header not present."],"exception":"Unauthorized"}

However my rasa-x is connected to my gihub already, I can see the branch name and all the files that are in my git.

Do you guys have any idea why ?

same thing, did you solve it? @jusce17