Rasa X AWS EKS Deployment


I am trying to recreate whats shown in the Masterclass #12. That is basically deploy my version of Rasa into a cluster. While I try to do that I am facing issues with some of the EKS configurations. When I check for my pods helm get pods Many of my pods are still in pending stage. Not quite sure what is the issue here. Is there any material I can refer to for deploying my bot in Kubernetes using EKS? @stephens

Appreciate any help. Thanks

kubectl describe pod --namespace rasans rasa-x-1624476361-redis-master-0

  Type     Reason            Age                   From               Message
  ----     ------            ----                  ----               -------
  Warning  FailedScheduling  2m9s (x3 over 6m39s)  default-scheduler  running PreBind plugin "VolumeBinding": binding volumes: provisioning failed for PVC "redis-data-rasa-x-1624476361-redis-master-0"

It looks like the db migration is not finishing. Do a ‘kubectl descrbe’ on that pod.

Hello Greg.

Thanks for a quick response. I am now using the docker instal method to host rasa X. I am able to run rasa X and connect my git as well. But I don’t see anything being pulled into Rasa X. Everything looks fresh.