I dont know how talk with my assistant through webhook api after made my Rasa X deploy

Version: Rasa X 0.33.1

I made my deploy of an rasa X server on port 5002, talking with an production on port 5005. But i make just the 5002 live on the internet for security issues.

On my Rasa X i created the file of credentials lioke that:

   url: ${RASA_X_HOST}/api

After load again my Rasa X, i’m triyng to reach a message from my assistant but i just receive an HTML of response, without any sighn of the bot response.

I’m trying to talk with her with: POST: host/core/webhooks/rest/webhook POST: host/webhooks/rest/webhook

Can someone explain to me, how can i use webhooks through rasa x?

I’m facing the same issue.