Rasa x api - a few issues

Hi Guys,

Thanks for putting Rasa x out there, I am still getting my head around it.

First of all, I just noticed an Error in the docs

To replace the domain.yml file you need to call projects/default/domains/1

Rasa X Documentation, the url does not specify the projects/default url.


I am trying to replace the nlu.yml file


  1. How do I set the ID for new records?
  2. Is there a simple way, just to replace the nlu.yml file through the api?
  3. Where are the logs saved? I am not using docker, just a standard python install

Also, I noticed I have managed to get the intent to save, but it saved into

rasa.db, so I am bit confused, what is the relationship between nlu.yml file and rasa.db. What controls the nlu definitions, if the API is updating the DB, and I am updating the nlu.yml file?

OK, I have been doing more investing.


This is writing to nlu.md file for some reason, even that I have nlu.yml file that exist.

When I run rasa train it gives me a warning. I am not sure if it is using both md and yml files in the training of just selecting one.

lol … am I just using the wrong API to update nlu.yml details?