Rasa-X action server url

We are using docker-compose for rasa-x deployment, we have provided the docker image for action in docker-compose.override.yml as per the document and everything works fine.

Now I want to hit my action server from the outside rasa-x instance, but I am not sure what’s the URL for the same.

I am doing this already for rasa-production using {{rasa-x-url}}/core/webhooks/rest/webhook?token={{rasa-x-token}} and need the same for action server.

If it’s possible what’s the URL, if not can I instead host the action server elsewhere and provide the URL for it in the rasa-x instance?

Hey @madanmeena

Check your docker-compose.yml file, it should have this section:

    restart: always
    image: "rasa/rasa-x-demo:${RASA_X_DEMO_VERSION}"
      - "5055"
      - rasa-production

… so this exposes the port, but only for the internal docker network. If you want to access the app container outside, then you have to also add ports mapping, see docker docs here.

Then you’ll be able to access the action server at {HOST}:5055 using this POST method.

Hope that helps!

I was hoping that instead of opening the port I could use the Nginx reverse proxy similar to my_url/core for production rasa.

Is there a way to use external url instead of providing the image for action?

Hey @madanmeena

At the moment the nginx that Rasa X deployment is using it not routing requests from the outside to the action server.

I was afraid of it, and we cannot expose the external action service either? @degiz

We are thinking of moving to Kubernetes, Is something like this possible there or opening port is the only option? I am just starting with Kubernetes.