Action server in docker-compose cannot communicate with rasa server properly

Hi can someone help me, or just to enlighten me about my issue.

I’m running my rasa assistant using docker compose. As per documentation and forum, if you want to run the action server in docker you need to change the action_endpoint to url: “http://action-server:5055/webhook” (which is action-server is the name of my action server running in docker). The action server is running but my rasa server can’t find the custom action running that is why I can’t test my assistant as is.

But now when I try change my action_endpoint into my machine ip address url: “”, the rasa server can now communicate properly to rasa-action-server. Can you tell me the reason?

Btw, here are my tech version.

Rasa Version : 3.6.15 Minimum Compatible Version: 3.5.0 Rasa SDK Version : 3.6.2 Python Version : 3.10.0

I’m going to attached here the endpoints.yml, docker-compose, and dockerfile for my action server. Hope someone can help me with this issue. Thanks in advanced

docker-compose.yml (920 Bytes) Dockerfile (598 Bytes) endpoints.yml (1.5 KB)

The name of your action server in the compose is action-server. The endpoint.yml should say:

  url: "http://action-server:5055/webhook"

Thanks for the response but I already tried that then whenever my assistant needs to run custom action, the error "Failed to run … Couldn’t connect to server " is prompted.