Webhook Problem

I’m sure this is about my ignorance, and nothing else, but I’m just starting with Rasa. I loaded RasaX, did the training and then ran “rasa run”. That seemed to start the server, just fine.
2019-05-21 16:58:27 INFO root - Starting Rasa Core server on http://localhost:5005
Looking at the http api, I just want to test that its working so I did curl http://localhost:5005// which produced
Error: requested URL // not found
I also tried http://localhost:5005/ and http://localhost:5005/version and http://localhost:5005//version All returned the same error. What have I gotten wrong?

Thanks Randy

You need to enable the API of the Rasa Server by running rasa run --enable-api. Afterwards curl localhost:5005 should welcome you with a short message.

That was it exactly. Thank you. Randy