Rasa Web chat customizing buttons,colors alligning etc


and rasa server url

Thanks! But to what question you refer by referring this css script?^^ is about formatting? I already used this to change sizes and fonts, but is it also about html tags?

And: html tags like strong are suppressed. That is bad. How would I format a title to be bold or italic?

instead of <strong> use <b>

Ah cool, where is this in the css script? What about other html tags like ?

Why is b working instead of strong?

Also, the

-tags are dangerous as they appear somehow "outside "the buble of he bot message.

Hey @JiteshGaikwad

How are lists formatted? Up to know, how can I make lists? Do I have to do it manaully with a bullet point like •?

So the whole bunch of formatting like with h or list tags is also not working.

That is thow only negative point, because you are very limited in formatting

you need to use <li> tags https://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_li.asp


As I wrote above This works but messes the whole bot bubble formatting. The text is then outside the bot message bubble…Please try just with few li’s and you see it

For any html tag here for header h3

@JiteshGaikwad did you had a look. I try to open an issue at your repo, but maybe you already have some hints?

@bolder_pete I have added the Markdown support, you can check the latest v.2.0.2 of the Chatbot widget

@JiteshGaikwad Thanks, but now I struggled and finish to convert everything to format properly…

What is the issue above?

which issue?

@JiteshGaikwad ? just read the posts above and look at the image?

Did you read the post above I had fixed that issue, I guess you have missed it.

@bolder_pete I had fixed issues with markdown, now you don’t need to send the bot response in html format, you can just send it in markdown format

@JiteshGaikwad hmm, yes, again, that is why I asked just out of curiosity what was the reason for this issue (see picture and again, my posts describing it ?!).

But here again, using html like lists oder any other tag like h’s, gets outside the bubble…

it’s because you trying to add HTML tags in the bubble which contains <p> tag which can’t hold the other HTML elements

I removed the p tag but still same, or what you mean? How can I solve this then as it seems an easy solution?

can you show me how are you trying to send the bot response?