Adjustments of rasa-webchat

Hello dear community

I have some questions about the Rasa-webchat on the Rasa-X tool:

  • Can the chatbot send coloured text black? Like a distinction between red and blue text?

  • Is the icon of the chatbot adjustable?

  • Can the size of the input window can be changed? I want to optimize this to write longer texts within it (maybe implement sections/paragraphs in the text of the user)

  • Also how can I make sure that the chatflow is emptied completely, when different users write my chatbot? If I send the chatbot link to different users at the moment, the old chathistory from different users is still visible…

Thank you for your advice and sorry for spaming this forum with a lot of questions, but I’m kinda new to this stuff but interested to learn a lot from you guys.

Hi @TKueng, this UI is not customisable no. But it’s only intended to be used for testing out your bot with some users, not to deploy it to e.g. your website. If you want something to put on your website (and that you can customise), you can take a look at the rasa-webchat: GitHub - botfront/rasa-webchat: A chat widget for Rasa and Botfront

About your question of clearing the chat history - which link is it you’re sharing with users? If you use the share your bot link, this should be cleared for each individual user

how can i do the adjustment in text alignment in rasa webchat Widget should return the response in the specified format in