Rasa Web chat customizing buttons,colors alligning etc

Hi @rishier827 from where I can get the style.css file (complete file) any link? Many thanks in advance.

Hello When I am trying this nothing is happening please help

Hello This script link is not working for me . only working link is stated below : https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/rasa-webchat/lib/index.min.js

Hello How did you change the css properties . It is not working for merasa Please help

How to change bot Avatar image for text replies

Hi @sid321axn,

you can change the avatar through webchat using this:

    selector: "#webchat",
    interval: 1000,
    inputTextFieldHint: "Type a message...",
    connectingText: "Waiting for server...",
    profileAvatar: **path to image**,
    initPayload: '/greet',
    customData: {"language": "en"}, 
    socketUrl: "http://localhost:5005",
    socketPath: "/socket.io/")}

Hope this is what you are looking for.

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hyper links are not working after in\mplementing css

utter_new_landline_connection_online :

  • text: " To book online : [click] (BSNL)"

it is working in rasa normal \bt not in css style sheet webchat ui

Thanks it helped me solved the issue


Is it still possible with this news webchat version: I do not know where to put inside the index.html the css script…

Hey, Im also a bit confused about the versioning of the webchat. When or which vesion did you used above? @JiteshGaikwad @rishier827

hey @bolder_pete, you just need to paste the code in <script></script> tag, FYI

I have used the latest version

Thanks! But where is now the css file or where exactly I have to put it? Could you make an example?

@JiteshGaikwad I have to admit your chatbot is amazing! It is way more better customoizable and more on point than the rasa webchat! Thanks for this amazing chatbot widget!

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@bolder_pete if you like it then you can give it a star on the Github repo :wink:

Hey I try yours out. But I have some formatting issues.

thebot messages are not formatted right if you send html text like


Then the text is outside the bot message windows…

Also bold tags like <strong> are omitted and ignored. So how could I format my text with your widget? (Markdown also nots works.)

Thanks alot. Maybe you can short answer here before I post on your repo? :wink:

Right now it doesn’t support markdown but maybe I can add it in the future updates. thanks

hmm yes, that why I tried html. This works not either?

Also, in which file do you handover the url to the rasa server if it an other IP than the default?

Oh, but still interested where or how you put this css inside the above code. Many Thanks