Rasa Web chat customizing buttons,colors alligning etc

I used your examples, meaning just sending via dispatcher etc…

something like


just send it in this way

dispatcher.utter_message(’## Hello’)

@bolder_pete I’m trying to help you, If you don’t need my help atleast be respectful. And I’m sorry that I can’t help you further. Thanks

I am respectful, but you permanently ignore my posts. I wrote several times what issue I mean and you ignore it and comment with markdown, whereas I did extra effort and made a nice picture which shows the problem with some html formatting…

I am glad that you made it with markdown, but I just was curious about this reason…

But anyway thank you for your effort. I will try the markdown version.

I didn’t ignore your post, I already told you what’s the issue is

But still you aren’t getting what I am trying to say, so I don’t need to explain you further :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi ,

i have created buttons in my domain.yml file and deployed it using rasa webchat. when i click a button in my chatbot , it gets selected and gives expected response. but my all the button options gets disappeared once user select a button. I dont want it to disappear.

For example:


  • text: "Hi I am … These are my use cases… " buttons:
    • title: “Use Case 1” payload: “/a”
    • title: “Use Case 2” payload: “/b”
    • title: “Use Case 3” payload: “/c”

If i select use case1 , the response should be displayed , without above all button options getting disappeared. so that i can scroll up and select a different button again , if i want to check that option also. Please help

I don’t know if I should create a separate topic for this, but it’s in the same scope.

Basically I wanted to add images to my buttons on a specific question. I was going to do this with Javascript, unfortunatly when I inspected the element, there were no IDs…

I editied the element just to see what it would look like :


But, as you know that’s only temporary… Does anyone know how to do this?

I’ve already tried having adding an image to the response, but it hides the buttons :frowning:

By using profileAvatar parameter, if the bot has multiple response (one after the other), the alignment for second sentence is disturbed as follows
Any idea on how it can be aligned?

Hey, have you found any solution to this, if so please post it here. :slight_smile:

Hey, have you achieved this, if so please update the solution. Even I want similar like that.

Hi, How do i put logo of my own @header just before the title. Thanks in advance Best Regards, Ravi

Hey @Swapratim , could you please help me, how do i put a logo just in front of title. Thanks

@krkc Where you want to put logo? [logo] (and you chatbot name] right?

Hey @nik202 yes. I’ve done it and thanks for your response.

Hi, i have used carousal template defined in actions.py , it solved the issue

It works to have 2 buttons either to redirect to URL or Intent, but I want to modify in such a way that it will have ‘add to cart’, ‘plus(+)’, ‘minus(-)’ functionality to build “order placing” chatbot.

any other way to solve that issue?

Hi @krkc Please, how did you add the logo?

Hi @makama-md I have included my bot logo in the html template. Nothing done from RASA side. Thanks

Best Regards, Ravi

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