Rasa web chat add carousel or Card

Hello, I am not sure if this is the correct forum category. But I have created a simple bot and I use this code:


to serve the bot in html page. Is it possible to create carousel or cards like tha ones in Facebook or Google assistant?

Thank you very much

Hi @chatz I think you are talking about custom actions in Rasa. Actions

To implement Google assistant like carousel selector, you have to write more code for it in JavaScript repo that you are referring. Specially based on response from Rasa Core, in-case there is any custom action, then display it as carousel.

I assume, already for some intent, you have already written some Custom action in utter. Like below


  • text: “Did that help you?” buttons:
    • title: “yes” payload: ‘/choose{“ans”: “yes”}’
    • title: “no” payload: ‘/choose{“ans”: “no”}’
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Hello bikashkumars! Thanks for the answer. I have created buttons with custom paylod from rasa. Do you know if there is an example of code for creating card or carousel? Or another repository webchat that has card or carousel? Because I don’t know where to write in this repository as you say.

Thank you very much!!