Rasa vs IBM Watson

Hello everyone,

I am tying to evaluate RASA and comparing it with IBM’s Watson solution. I would just like to take the help of your expertise to figure out how RASA can be a better candidate to create a IT help-desk chatbot.

I’m not familiar with IBM’s Watson so I cannot make the comparison for you, but will try to answer any specific question about Rasa you might have. Generally a big advantage of Rasa is that it is open source; all your data always stays with you, so there are no data protection questions with rasa, and you can see exactly what happens and if you want a feature that doesn’t exist you can easily add or suggest it on github. Also rasa is good for getting started even if you have little data, I’m talking in particular about the interactive learning.

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Thanks for your comment. I am trying to build a comparative analysis of both the tools. SO I specifically what to know the strength and weakness of both the tools.

UP I am in the same situation so I am very interested in getting the comparative analysis if you have one!