FEEDBACK - Migration from IBM Watson to RASA

Hi everyone,

I am looking to get a feedback from someone who performed/experienced a migration from IBM Watson to Rasa.

I have to deal with a project like that and it will be very helpfull.

Many thanks.

hey @Baptiste

the easier part is migrating intent + entity data. There’s a PR in progress to automatically migrate the data as well.

The piece that will be manual is converting the Watson flows to stories and rules. Due to how different the approaches are, the conversation flows need to be rewritten from scratch.

Please post back in here with any lessons learned or issues you face!

Hello @desmarchris

Thank you for your answer :slight_smile: I have 2 questions:

1/ About the “PR in progress”: where is the document explaining everything that the data importer does? Because I can see the “changes proposed” but not something like the “Business Requirements” and “Standard Data Importer Procedure”

2/ About the manual conversion: where can I find a standard procedure explaining every single step of what we have to do and how we have to do it?

Thank you very much.

the PR at this point would follow the same steps as Dialogflow

Download your Watson NLU data v2 , then follow the above steps.

I am in the midst of changing this way to create a training data converter as requested. This means the above won’t work in the future as Watson is not first class citizen of Rasa but at least the current implementation would give you an idea of how the conversion would work. Would really appreciate your help understanding whether the conversion makes sense or not. Watson conversion is not straightforward. :wink:

Thank you!

  • The steps detailed in the link you shared look very easy to follow, it is only “copy-paste”. Is it really that easy?

  • What about the manual process that @desmarchris spoke about? How to convert Watson flows to stories and rules?

I was only concerned with the NLU data for my need. So i didn’t actually look into watson flows at all.

I am changing the code to use training data converter for rasa so it will become a second class citizen instead of being directly converter in Rasa. I will push new changes this week.

If you want to help me with the watson flows into rules and stories, happy to collaborate

For now I don’t know Rasa. I only looked at tutorials and I have a first very high level vision of how it works. This is why I asked for feedbacks and documents like standard procedures and business requirements (which seems to be very hard to find). If you have any other advice on how I can learn from Rasa, it would be very nice.

I will be very happy to collaborate as soon as I practice Rasa :slight_smile:

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@desmarchris friendly ping :slight_smile:

@Baptiste the manual process is the same as creating stories/rules from scratch. So it’s not so much of a conversion as using the existing watson flows as a guide.