Rasa VS Code error

Hi all. I am facing an issue with VS Code for my chatbot. The intents that that I have added are not being acknowledged or understood by the VS Code. Basically it is not recognising the additional code that I have written apart from the default code, which was already existing in the model.

Can someone please support on this?


@SyedBilalHasan Not get you, what is the issue you are facing? are you saving your file?

So the error i face is after creating the rasa bot i wanted to add intents in the Visual Studio code but other than the predefined intents and prewritten code which were provided by rasa the rasa chatbot does not train any code and any piece of text that was written by me . I only have faced this error in vscode

@SyedBilalHasan That, strange behaviour, did you delete it and installed it again? or VS code required updates?

yes i had deleted and installed my vscode but it does not work and i installed my vscode just 2 days ago

@SyedBilalHasan strange, can you close the VS code, delete the workspace folder and again add the folder. Please mention me @ and name, else you will not get response fast.

Quick Fix: @SyedBilalHasan try open the VS code, and use command Control+comma (Cltr + ,) and change the setting of auto save what ever you feel like delay will solve you issue. Do it and tell me it saving your code or not?

Hi @nik202 i have got the solution to the error . We are supposed to manually save the file in the folder

@SyedBilalHasan It’s not compulsory to always press the short cuts Cltr + S to save the file, you can auto save as I suggested in the above post, as sometime we so much into code we forgot and auto save save our life :stuck_out_tongue: I hope it will save your life too. PS: Its not a issue with rasa :wink: and your topic post look like Rasa Vs Code error.

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