RASA stopped responding after three conversation

RASA user link stopped responding after three conversation.

If you push the restart button, does the bot then answer again? It looks like it hit a fallback and then got confused and so was predicting action_listen (wait for input)

Yes, Once I push the restart button, bot starts again. However, it stop working after three ping of conversations.

How do I correct the confusion of chatbot.

Any suggestion.

You will want to look at your stories. I recommend if you’re just starting out to use Interactive Learning to teach your bot how to respond to certain inputs and actions.

I can see the conversation in interactive mode. But RASA does not response after 3 to 4 conversation in “Normal Talk Mode” (Not the interactive mode). It does not matter what I ask the RASA. It shows the same behavioral (no response after third conversation). For example I ask Hi, How are you, My location is Texas,

After third question, RASA stop replying.

I saw the same problem with my other datasets and RASA chat bots while running rasa in other container.

I have a good size of training data and more than 50 stories. I believe this is not related to training. I am not sure where is problem. Is it possible to get connect with RASA tech expert to understand the issue and its solution

Does it work in the command line interface with rasa shell?

Usually happens with Rasa X. Check on CLI with ‘rasa shell --debug’. Train more stories.