RASA Still the Leader and best product?

Is RASA Open Source still the leader and best product? Are there any others or products the industry to switching to over RASA? Just want to make sure if commit to working with RASA there is no impending switch or change? Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.


  1. You could try botpress to compare. At first read this article about differences.
  2. And another one candidate is product from cisco, looks interesting to try out.

I think there are no one best solution for all dialog projects. Sometimes it’s better to use high-level solutions. Sometimes have a freedom to code a lot. I would recommend bot-down approach:

  1. ready to use solutions without customization
  2. no/low-code constructors for non-programmers
  3. platforms with extended programming and customization capabilities
  4. frameworks (rasa here)
  5. custom solution

It’s a good idea to have several tools for all you dialog projects. Feel free to share your ideas as well.

I thing this is the ever best I see.