How not to jump in the middle of the story?

Hi Team, How not to jump in the middle of the story and just follow it from start to end.

Ex: *greet

  • utter_greet
  • how_r_u
    • utter_fine

If user types “how are you?”, bot can jump in the middle and mix the stories. If no story with beginning of * how_r_u I want just to ignore it. How to follow specific story from the beginning only? Cause otherwise it can mix the stories and jump into another (and not from beginning, but in the middle). The middle is the issue for me.

Help me please to figure out.

You can check the first topic in this part of the instruction page.

Data Augmentation

When you train a model, by default Rasa Core will create longer stories by randomly gluing together the ones in your stories files. This is because if you have stories like:

You actually want to teach your policy to ignore the dialogue history when it isn’t relevant and just respond with the same action no matter what happened before.

you can simply do

rasa train --augmentation 0

in your terminal