RASA Slot Filling Error | Values being populated twice

Dear Team,

During the training phase of RASA, lookup tables have been provided. The training goes without any issues. When I start up RASA in Interactive mode (or X or shell mode), when identifying the slot, I always end up getting the slots with double values.

This happens with all the entities being identified.

Request your help to resolve this issue.

Best Regards,

Ankit Pachauri

Hi, what do your lookup tables look like? This seems like a bug to me. Would be great if you could create an issue in our GitHub repository: https://github.com/RasaHQ/rasa/issues/new/choose

Hi Christina,

Here is the attached lookup table for the issue shared above.


I will go ahead and raise a bug in the GitHub too, as this issue is occurring with all entities.

Best Regards,

Ankit Pachauri

Hi Team,

Just to share, the issue was resolved. We were using two different Entity extractors and hence we were getting double values identifying in the slots. On the advice by the RASA team, we removed 1 extractor from the config file and we were able to resolve the issue. Reference: Entity Extraction extracts entities twice for each entity · Issue #6362 · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub

This topic can be closed now.

Best Regards, Ankit Pachauri