All slot are now filled with entities

Hi people, I have this problem in Rasa 1.10, someone else? any solution?

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Hi! Same issue here!

In my form, Im slot mapping all my slots with all the entities so for any entity detected it would catch the entity value and then try to validate it. In Rasa 1.7.0 and below this works fine.

But when I updated to 1.10, all my slots in the form are filled with the last right entity extracted. After trying to validate all the wrong filled slots, they are set to None, but in each validation the bot prints a message for a wrong value entered. Not only that, it also seems that it is re-asking for already filled and validated slots.

If anyone know what could it be please help me with this :pray::pray: I really cant find out what have changed. Now I downgraded again to Rasa 1.7.0 until I can solve this