Rasa Shell Issue

Just got a fresh install of Rasa and now when I run the shell, I get the following warning message after each input:

UserWarning: Number of features (1) for attribute 'text_dense_features' does not match number of tokens (5). Set 'return_sequence' to true in the corresponding featurizer in order to make use of the features in 'CRFEntityExtractor'.`
f"Number of features ({len(features)}) for attribute "

Not sure how to fix that.

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Which version of Rasa are you using? Could you please also share the content of your config.yml and (if you can) a minimal example of the NLU training data which is causing the bug?

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I have a same problem. Version Rasa: 1.6.1. Training data and config.yml from example. In config.yml I replace language β€œen” with β€œen_core_web_md”.

i am using Rasa 1.6.1

config.yml (313 Bytes)

I am not sure how to sure my NLU training data…