'rasa shell' execution error. Could not load path due to passed save_path is not valid checkpoint

Hi everyone, I am trying to execute sample project by using rasa shell command, but it’s giving me error that could not load module due to passed save_path is not valid checkpoint etc.

Giving error for EmbeddingIntentClassifier.ckpt.

For reference I am attaching screenshot of the same.

hey @prashant_kamble the error because the Rasa shell didn’t found the nlu model path of your project, so make sure you are passing the right path of Ur model. :slight_smile:

Thanks @JiteshGaikwad but I have created one folder in my D: drive i.e RASA in that I have created project setup using below commmand

rasa init --no-prompt

even though I am getting same error.

hey @prashant_kamble you have are using the right command just that when u run this command it will store the trained models in two folders one is within your Directory i.e the zip folder inside your models folder and other one it will store in your systems temp folder, when u start the bot inside the shell the Rasa shell command didn’t found the models inside the temp folder.

Hmm okay okay. Thanks @JiteshGaikwad I will look into that.