`rasa run actions & rasa shell` is FREEZING the terminal


When I am trying to run the command rasa run actions & rasa shell in the terminal for running rasa actions file, my terminal is freezing and the endpoint server is not starting. Have tried it multiple times and even on different systems but the issue still persists. Please help me out with this.


Try starting them in two different terminals, so you can see which one is freezing. i.e. run rasa run actions in one terminal and rasa shell in another.

Sorry for not updating my progress. Yes, that is what I did. Thank you for your reply!

Both are working fine when run in different terminals. But as I was referring to Juste’s youtube tutorial where she used both in one that’s why I tried in the same way.

It’s probably something specific to the terminal you’re using. Glad it works now.

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