Rasa Developer Survey 2021 - we'd love to hear from you!

Hello Rasa @community!

We are continuing our efforts to understand our community better and are very excited to share the Rasa Developer Survey 2021 with you!

You can fill out the Typeform survey here.

It's a survey of 32 quick questions which will take you about 5 minutes to complete. This year we continue to learn about your technical background, the ways you use Rasa and interact with other tools and open source communities. In addition to that, we added a few diversity and inclusion related questions. The information we collect about the community will help us create more helpful content and make more informed product decisions.

We will share the aggregated and anonymized survey results with you once the survey is closed.

Thank you for your time! :pray: :purple_heart:


I think some questions should be multiple-answers but we can only choose one, like 2d and 3f

Hey @ChrisRahme thanks for notifying about this, upon review it should be possible to select multiple options on these questions.

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