Rasa reminder scheduling


I work on a healthcare bot using RASA framework and we have a use case of getting reminded on patients on their events, so i came across reminder scheduling from rasa and i just want to know that where does this reminders gets stored, whether in a DB or an calender of RASA.

Hi Vimal,

It is stored in memory and does not survive a reboot of the rasa server so it’s not a good idea to use this feature for reminders that are very far into the future.

How is the reminder message sent to the user? What channels are you using?


@stephens Thnaks for your response, We are sending these reminder as a notifications to the user in mobile app and we have a custom connecter chnnel through which we send these reminder events…So is there way we can store the tracker in our external database so that the reminder events and conversation gets stored in DB and it also escapes from the reboot of the server?

The reminders are not stored in the tracker.

You can find the code here and could override the reminder functions to add persistence this information to your external db.

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