Automatic daily message

Hi guys,

is it possible to create a message, which will be send daily at a certain time?

you can set a reminder in your custom action: Events

Hi Vladimir,

Thanks for your answer. That was my idea too. But how can I set the reminder so that it repeats daily?

it is not supported right now, but I guess you can set new reminder in the reminder action

What about sheduled messages? I integrated a bit in slack, maybe that’s the solution? I just don’t know how.

Hi @Phil91 @Ghostvv

depending on how rasa is connected to the end-user how about defining a cronjob that triggers trackers:


and executes either a custom action that returns a ScheduledReminder or directly utters something?


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hello everyone,I need my reminder to repeat a certain times before it shut down.Is there any way to approach it ? please help !