Rasa / rasax / sdk verions in production?

What versions of rasaX and the sdk work well with rasa 2.2.0+ ?
I want to use quick_replies, which was added (back) in that version.

Thanks in advance /ed

Hi Ed,

You can find the compatibility matrix here. For the latest patch release numbers you can look at the docker hub tags.

Thank you. Although 2.2.* is not on that list. (does that mean it is not production ready? )

I did get this set to mostly work together with docker-compose:

  • Rasa Version : 2.2.2
  • Rasa SDK Version : 2.2.0
  • Rasa X Version : 0.34.0

However, ‘Talk to your bot’ function fails with an RS256 vs HS256 jwt error. My work around is to use rasa x in local mode for testing.


Sorry, I forgot to mention 2.2.0. We’re still waiting for the compatible release of Rasa X to come up - 0.35.0. You’ll need to stick with 2.1.x for compatibility with 0.34.0.