Rasa QnA for Rasa LLM Community Challenge πŸš€

Greetings @community ,

We recently launched Rasa LLM Community Challenge, please checkout here. We loved to see your enthusiasm and the questions regarding the challenge, we have decided to go for a live Q&A where we can answer your questions. Since we have limited time, I would suggest you, please post your queries here so that we can cover them in the given time.

Join us for the Q&A at 5 pm CET on Friday 7th July.



Thanks sonam for your quick response


Where will the live Q&A be streamed, on the Rasa Youtube Channel?

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Please join here: Rasa LLM Community Challenge - Q&A - YouTube

hi. please help me. how to create custom model from many pdfs in Persian language? i don’t have any data as answer ond questions ! tanks.