Launching the Rasa LLM Community Challenge 🚀

Greetings @community,

I am happy to announce the launch of the Rasa LLM challenge. It’s an exciting opportunity to showcase your skills and creativity by leveraging LLMs in Rasa.

Whether you’re a seasoned coder or an aspiring developer, this challenge is your chance to innovate and win prizes :trophy: totalling 5000 USD; for details, click here. To register for the challenge, click here.

Important dates:

  1. Registration opens today, i.e 28th of June
  2. By July 20th, 11:59 pm PT: Fill out the application form
  3. If you’re selected as one of the winners, demo your project in our Online Show & Tell on July 27th

If you have any questions, please add them in the comment section or mail us at :purple_heart:

Thank you


@sonam great initiative from the Rasa Team, looking forward. Cheers!

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Can’t wait to see what gets created from this competition! Best of luck everyone!

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Great initiative from the Rasa team @sonam !!

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Hi @sonam, Thanks, its a great initiative.

where do i submit my idea or project? can you please share more details?

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Thank you @nik202 ,

Thank you @anoopshrma , Go Rasa Community :rocket:

Hi, @lkrishnaprasad ,

Once you register, you will get an application form to upload your demo and GitHub repo.

Hi, I checked my mailbox but couldn’t find the application form. My email is, thanks in advance

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i did not get any link to upload

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@sonam I haven’t received any application form, even though I filled out the register form multiple times

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Hi @RUI-LONG @lkrishnaprasad ,

You will receive the application form link by next week. We will mail you, and I will update it in this thread.


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Thanks Sonam

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Are there any rules for LLMs that we arent allowed to use? For example some LLMs can produce NSFW content under specific circumstances, how carefully do we have to clean outputs for the competition?

Edit: to clarify I understand that the rules indicate that the submission must be appropriate for all ages, and im not asking about NSFW submissions directly but about how an LLM accidentally responding with offensive language etc will be penalized

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Good Question, we are only going to judge what you have built with Rasa, we are not going to judge the LLMs outputs and hallucinations.

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Hey @community,

I see a lot of questions regarding the challenge, will it be helpful if we conduct challenge QnA on YouTube and Space. Give it a like for yes.


Yes, it would be very helpful

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Yes I would love to attend a QnA session on this

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@Rushabh @afnaanbaig ,

Can you please let me know your questions in advance here. As we are conducting the QnA soon.

Hey Everyone,

You might have received the mail from us regarding application form.