Rasa Pro Development License error

I get this when trying to run Rasa License from windows power shell CMD prompt.

ERROR rasa_plus.utils.licensing - Could not decode license as JWT. Failed to validate Rasa Pro license which was read from environmental variable RASA_PRO_LICENSE. Please ensure RASA_PRO_LICENSE is set to a valid license string.

Can I get help with this. Thanks

There are instructions here for setting your license string in powershell, are you using the temporary or persistent syntax?

Thanks for the reply jtrasa. Well I followed the instructions, it only worked half way. Not authenticating the L-key. I am using the persistent syntax. I also went into the win11 registry to see if it put the L-key there for the environment variable and the LKey is there. But everytime I try to run Rasa it gives me the error.

Can we continue this conversation via email? I don’t want to inadvertently leak any credentials. Thanks.