Error in dealing with rasa developer edition

I got my rasa developer licence key and i wrote it on windows powershell using [System.Environment]::SetEnvironmentVariable(‘RASA_PRO_LICENSE’,‘’) but i’m still getting this error i don’t know why


As our documentation is currently written for this the environment variable will only be set in the powershell terminal where you typed it.

For the environment variable to be persisted the command needs a third argument, which can be either USER or MACHINE.

As a regular user you can set the scope to USER. e.g.: [System.Environment]::SetEnvironmentVariable('RASA_PRO_LICENSE','<your-license-string>','USER')

Then newly opened powershell terminals for the current user would have this environment variable set.

We’ll work on correcting this in our docs.

Thanks for trying out Rasa Pro!

Thanks a lot this worked for me <3

Glad to hear it! The documentation has been updated as well.