Rasa Pro 3.6 launched 🚀

Dear @community,

I am excited share the launch of Rasa Pro 3.6, it’s comes with the major development like PII (Personally Identifiable Information) management and real time markers.

Please read through the PII Management section in the official documentation to learn how to get started.

Please find the changelog here.



Is that free ? Or paid ?

It is paid and it would be great if Rasa Inc. could share their thoughts when Rasa Pro becomes a transparent price tag or when/if Pro features will become standard in the Open Source version. Right now, Rasa Open Source really feels like a playground while all critical features for anything larger than a “restaurant bot” is Pro (and I need to talk to a sales person to get a price).

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Hi, It’s paid but you can request for a free trial.

Pricing is custom based on a few different factors, which is why we don’t publish pricing at the moment. Please contact hi@rasa.com for the pricing details. Thanks.