Take user input in bot

In my chatbot i want to take user input without recognizing any intent when i am in a story.I just want to extract few answers from user for which there are no intent.

Say for example there are a couple of things i want to ask to user like 1.what is your father’s name? 2.which is your favorite place to visit in India?

now a name can’t have an intent as there are millions of names in each countries for which we can never write an intent and same goes with the place.

So is there any way we can just extract answers from the user in a story.

I know we can do this using forms in rasa but is there any other way?

Forms are absolutely the recommended way to do this, this is exactly why they were created :slight_smile: why don’t you want to use a form?

That’s beacuse if i will have hundred stories then and each story say on average will require 3 forms for such user input based conversation, so the number of forms will become 300 which is too much.

Is there any we can continue domain, nlu.md and stories in another file? @erohmensing

Hi, I am using forms to take the user value, but not able to use it in another stories.

I need to start another story just after taking the value from the user. How can I achieve that.