RASA NLU Context relevant questions asked

Hello everyone, Newbie here asking questions.

Question 1) Lets assume a scenario:

the NLU content has the intent so called rasa bird but dont have penguin bird

The user asks “hey penguin bird”

So here i want the ai to reply as “who is penguin bird, did you mean rasa bird” ?

then user replies “i mean penguin bird!”


So does anyone know how to make this scenario work like how should i make rasa find the relevant context that is “bird” and do the action like find is bird similar to any other context in the system then replies back or can anyone point me to the documentation side which contains information related to my question or anyone have did it earlier who can share their codes right here?

Question 2) Lets assume the intent is available but no action was added so how should i make the bot reply that “sorry this info is not in my database”, i know for this u will have to add an action too but imagine u added a thousand intent_names and forgot to assign one of them to an action, so if the user asks question related to that intent_name , so i want bot to reply back as “i dont know yet bla bla”

Thanks a bunch. if you answering any of these questions please write on top of it as Answer 1 or Answer 2.

For 1st question: You will need entity recognition for rasa and penguin bird. Means if Rasa is in entity then say something else say something else. For 2nd question: You will need custom action or direct utter if you don’t want any entities to get recognise and send direct reply