Contextual Chatbot

How can we build context based chatbot, is this feature even available for open source?

Rasa OSS uses slots to provide context.

By context I meant, referring bot message to understand user message. for ex:-


intent: referral_code

example: |-

  • 798249
  • 948474
  • 245644

intent: submission_code

example: |-

  • 4292
  • 324893
  • 49203
  • 198012


  • Bot :- Please provide your Referral Code
  • user:- 48987

now tell which intent bot will hit?

according to me bot will randomly select any of the intent and start following that particular story, irrespective of what is asked. I was asking about this contextual understanding; can bot be able to understand that referral code is being asked so that input should be of referral code only even if that same input pattern is available under another intent still by referring to message context it should be able to identify which intent to hit.

Can this situation be handled in rasa open source?