Rasa new version error while running train interactive 2

Hi,I use rasa interactive mode to train my robot and I come across this problem.

I have check the [rasa interactive training is failing · Issue #3631 · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub](http://#3631 issue ). Though I use rasa-1.2.9 and the bug in 3631 issue has beed fixed,I still come across this problem… can anyone help me with this problem? thanks.

Though I use rasa-1.2.9

Can you please try switching to the latest 1.3.9 and check whether it’s fixed for you there? Which terminal are you using?

X-shell.I will try to update to 1.3.9. I modify the source code of /rasa/core/training/interactive.py line 532 by passing the fixed length 100 to the function and the problem not occur .:joy:

Ah, this could be some Windows issue then :thinking: