Rasa 1.10.9 ResponseSelector utters nothing

Hello all, I’m trying to utilize ResponseSelector for rasa 1.10.9. The bot does not respond, it only listens for next user utterance. I followed the tutorial here. There are also logs too.

The correct intent is recognized, the correct action is chosen however the bot response is none. I have a responses.md file

Hi @LaurentStar ,

Could you please share your nlu and story data regarding faq?

This is what it looks, did I do anything wrong?

Hi @LaurentStar,

There is nothing wrong in your nlu and stories file.

Could you please check for for following files?

  1. domain.yml

intents: - faq

actions: - respond_faq

  1. responses.md
  • faq/reaponse_selector_text

    • here is the response of faq

I hope you have mentioned above details. If not then check with this. :slight_smile:

I have respond_faq as an action I have faq as an intent

Could you please try with attached config file?

config.yml (759 Bytes)

I sincerely appreciate your aid. Sorry for my extremely delayed response, I got overwhelmed for a few days. I was about to continue this conversation but I’ve managed to get the responseSelector working by providing another intent example as it requires a minimal of 2. Again, I cannot thank you enough for your due diligent.

I am glad it worked :slight_smile: