'rasa' is not recognized as an internal or external command,

hi, i am trying to install rasa i did it by this video (Installing Rasa Open Source: Windows 10 (Updated 2021) - YouTube) when I try to check if rasa was install by rasa -h command and I get this error.

(rasa_install_demo) C:\Users\Sebastiaan>rasa -h ‘rasa’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

@anonymous023 Please follow these steps.

  1. conda create --name “Your_Environment_Name” python=3.8 or python==3.7.7

  2. conda activate Your_Environment_Name

  3. pip install rasa==2.8.1

  4. pip install rasa-sdk==2.8.1

  5. rasa init to create the default project

Check rasa --version

Share error till this point if you encountered?

------------------------------Below Steps for Rasa-X only----------------------------------------------------------------

6. pip install rasa-x==0.39.3 --extra-index-url https://pypi.rasa.com/simple

  1. Error: ImportError: cannot import name ‘RowProxy’ from ‘sqlalchemy.engine’ install

pip install SQLAlchemy==1.3.22

  1. Error: Sanic install

pip install sanic-jwt==1.6.0

  1. Error: Alembic

delete rasa and events .db files and it will automatically created when you run rasa-x

  1. run rasa x and you will be able to see rasa x in your default web browser

Note: Do follow these steps a fresh approach please.

hi, NIk a think i found the problem i use py 3.9 and not lower

@anonymous023 ok, good you solved.

hey, today i try de to install rasa on python 3.8. but when i try to import it in my project or try sara init it still das not work. i can do rasa init in the cmd but not in the project i am working on in vs code

@anonymous023 hey you told you find the problem solution?

@anonymous023 create a project directory, activate conda environment for your project directory, install rasa and rasa-sdk, then run rasa train and final run rasa run --debug.

@anonymous023 or when you do not have any project rasa init will install basic mood bot.

I hope you understand now?

yes and it is working

@anonymous023 great, can you please close this thread with the solution for others. Thanks.

The solution is to read this blog https://levelup.gitconnected.com/getting-started-with-rasa-on-windows-with-vs-code-966d06520bbb